apartment, condo for rent in Chidlom


Apartments and condos for rent near Chidlom BTS in Chidlom, soi Somkid, soi Langsuan

following is the rough monthly rental price guide for fully furnished condo and apartment for rent in Chidlom area. If you need more information or are finding a condo to rent, please feel free to send us your inquiry. We provide free rental finder service and also protect renter's benefits throughout rental period, see our terms of service.

Rental price (baht/month)
The Address Chidlom soi Somkid 25000-100,000
The Park Chidlom soi Somkid 80000-200,000
Somkid Gardens soi Somkid 75000-90000
Somkid Place soi Somkid 18000-40000
Manhattan Chidlom Petchaburi 32 30000-80000
Baan Navarang soi Langsuan 30000-65000
Grand Langsuan soi Langsuan 50000-70000
Langsuan Ville soi Langsuan 40000-90000
Q Langsuan soi Langsuan  
Urbana Langsuan soi Langsuan 25000-100,000